Project Web design

Sign in today for your personal web site with ms marketing hellas, because your business is always personal to us … and be sure, we’ll get the job done!

We are successfully designing web pages for some time now. We are seeing web page design as the art of expressing our clients’ offers to the world in a way that confirms with the demands and expectations of potential visitors of their sites.

We are aware that the potential visitor of a web site is interested in content and fast information as well as aesthetical design.

All our clients’ sites are easily navigable and are coming right to the point from the first to the last page.


Web hosting today is all about speed and service. We are offering affordable web hosting in connection with web design.

We are providing state-of-the-art technology at our servers, which are situated in Toronto, Canada so that they can directly connect to oversea’s data lines. The sites are coming up very fast all over the globe at any time of the day. Each client has his own virtual server for his domain. He can reach his server and make changes to his pages and email accounts by the use of our easily manageable control panel, if he wants.

We are providing a very important personal service for our clients, which is included in web hosting with us: search engine optimizing for your web site.

We are continuously watching the ongoing changes on the Internet, especially at the search machines. We are updating our clients’ sites correspondingly. Our goal is to have them all at first places in the search machine results.

We are on your side and we get the job done!