Product THAT’S MP3

A professional mp3 player for radio stations, hotels, cruise vessels, malls and music bars. Time based playing and integrated advertising easily supported.

The professional MP3 Player with unmatched playing stability, which plays and processes your m3u playlists, mixes your program automatically and manually, and works on a timely basis to match your special needs.

. . . for radio stations
Your fight with expensive and unstable programs, with coded unreadable song names has finally come to an end! Create your playlists fast and easy. Take commercials easily in and out and let THAT’S MP3 play automatically on a timely basis 24 hours/day. Logs for the authorities are automatically generated.
. . . for hotels
Adapt your music program on a timely basis to your needs. Have different programs playing at the bar, the lobby, in the rooms. Put in announcements for special events and information about your hotel. Don’t bore your guests by playing the same old CD’s over an over again. Select from a rich legal music library.
. . . for supermarkets
Put your daily special offers into the playlists and keep your customers informed. Keep up easily with the changes at your shop. Let your clients purchase in a friendly atmoshere listening to the right music playing automatically programmed at the right place and time.
. . . for music bars
Create your own music program according to the needs of your business with a professional mp3 player. Change your program easily by the hour and the demands of your clients. Let your DJ do his creative work instead of searching for lost CD’s.

The Professional mp3 player

  • with indication of total playing time
  • with adjustable crossfade between songs
  • with single, auto next and random play possibilities
  • with unlimited number of songs and playlists
  • no codification of the song names, all in clear text
  • with integrated search and play program
  • with TBP (time based playing) possibilities for playing commercials and announcements. (radio stations)
  • 2 – 3 – 4 different programs can play from one computer synchronously. (Hotels)
  • Low requirements for your computer
  • All commands in your native language or in English

. . . Example: Multiple programs from one computer

Of course you can play multiple programs from one computer:
We tried with a couple old and new computers and sound cards of different brands, it always worked perfectly.
Learn more here

Working with multiple soundcards and programs on one computer:
– Copy the whole program directory of THAT’S MP3 into a different place and rename it. Copy the renamed directory back to the hard drive (and folder), where the original still is.
– Rename the *exe file and the *ini file, which are in the new program directory to whatever you like.
– Start the new *exe file. The program will start.
– Go into “Settings”, select the sound card and save your settings.
– Do the same with the old program and select a different sound card.
– And you’re done!

Your computer is more musical than you ever thought.