Product BusCall

CALL: The solution for all kinds of repeated announcement tasks. Professional mp3 player software for automated and on demand anouncements at bus stations, airports, factories, malls and on cruise vessels.

At the stations of a public bus company, at large supermarkets, on a cruise liner, in a public building or a factory site, several repeating public announcements are to be made daily. A public bus company in a tourism area has e.g. 100 busses and 50 final destinations. Because of daily shift changes different busses are heading for different destinations every day. The station master on duty announces the departures including bus numbers and destinations, as well as other information in several languages by microphone and public-address system to the passengers.

The quality of the announcements by microphone differs very much, depending on the speaking employee. The speaking persons may change with different shifts. Announcements in different languages are often very difficult to understand by the audience, because the speakers do not have the desired skills in pronouncing the announcements in a foreign language correctly. In our example above with 100 busses and 50 destinations in 3 languages there are 15.000 possible combinations.

The solution to the problem:
Semi automated announcements supported by a computer program using pre recorded takes of all kinds of repeated announcements like dates, times, bus numbers, destinations departures, arrivals, hints, whatever.

  • It goes like this: The employee on duty uses the CALL program containing all announcement data
  • He has a numbered list of the call data in the program window of CALL10 on the computer screen
  • He knows or sees the number of the arriving or departing busses. He knows their destination.
  • In our bus example he just types the bus number and the destination number from the list.
  • At simple announcements he just types in the announcement number.
  • Within milliseconds CALL plays the announcements using the client’s existing P.A. system.
  • CALL plays announcements editable in until 10 languages.

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