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Enjoy the
Carnival in Rethymno Dancing Celebrating Enjoying, the event of the year in Rethymnon!
all the pics...all the links...all the music...all the fun!

Well after having made more than 500 web pages at more than 20 sites and putting them all to no.1 - 10 in the big search machines, we thought.....
to tell everybody what our friends already know:
We are doing
Webhosting & Design

...and we are successful, because our clients are!

Tell us what you need and we see what we can do for you.
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Hi there... 
Welcome to the Home of musical expression
and successful Webhosting & Design (...The "b-found-on-the-web" people) 
It is nice to have You here on our lovely island.
Did You know that Crete is said to be part of the lost Atlantis? Romantic isn't it.
But back to business:  We are making records, CDs and - yes You are reading right - and ...real vinyl records which You can scratch and wobble.
Peter Holmgren, Made it this far...
Peter Holmgren
"...made it this far"
Our artists (with mp3's!) are an interesting mixture of local Greek pop singers, students from the University of Crete playing Greek Rock, local folk musicians and passers-by who come to Crete for holidays, seasonal work,
or - attracted by it's magic -  just like this...
Scarecrow Dreaming, FISH, Dead Punk Rock at it's Best!
Scarecrow Dreaming
We run a recording studio too. There we record everything
and everyone who does not resist: locals and foreigners,
humans with a voice and aliens without one.
Are You an art lover?  Send us a picture.  We collect....
Luka A Raving Spirit, The Thing Within which you Can't Explain
A Raving Spirit
Anyway, our clients like us. They are so understanding...
So let it fly with fly records (that's our label)...

...or send us Your demo or recording. We always find a friendly radio station live online to broadcast...

You can even  buy a CD  or two directly from us. Just
go to our "Get CDs" page. Here you'll find  an interesting
mixture of collector's items.  If you want a special 
Greek CD just mail us. We'll try to find...
Baeh amahn funny Crete
Baeh amahn
The power of Crete
We also do MIDI - playbacks, adverts and vinyl recreation.
And in summer when it's really hot here on Crete we are doing PA for concerts and beach parties. That's really fun carrying huge loudspeakers at 40 degrees Celsius...
 M.S.MUSIC HELLAS  Kyprou 3. GR-74100 Rethymno, Crete, Greece


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